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Napa Valley

Close up of grape bunches on vines

A region that hardly needs an introduction (although perhaps some explanation as to why a winery, central to the acclaimed Russian River Valley is making Napa Valley Cabernet). Well, it’s simple: if you want outstanding Cabernet Sauvignon, you go to Napa, so that’s what we did. The famed valley and its surrounding mountains and hillsides are the source for our Diamond Mountain, Stags Leap District, and proprietary “Synthesis” Cabernet Sauvignons.

Andrew Geoffrey Vineyard: Located lower on Diamond Mountain, Andrew Geoffrey is noted for its ability to produce concentrated, brooding Cabernets. Due to the uplift of the mountains from the valley floor, the soil here is a powdery mix of volcanic ash and porous tufa rock. It is not uncommon to find bits of obsidian hidden in the soil.

Circle Hill Vineyard: Much closer to the valley floor, within the Stags Leap District AVA, this vineyard consistently produces small, concentrated clusters of Cabernet Sauvignon with tannins that resolve early on. Planted along the foothills of the Vaca Mountains, exposed sedimentary rocks deposited from the Napa Valley River act as a heating and cooling source which stresses the vines and keeps them growing slowly throughout the season.

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