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Growing up in the San Joaquin Valley and living the equal parts rigor and reward of farming firsthand, Courtney was struck by the endless possibilities of the grape.
With a dynamic perspective on the industry, the likewise endless possibilities for innovating operations at his own winery are what called Courtney to found Angeline in 1990, and what continues to call him to raise the bar on everyday wines.

Early on, Courtney recognized that great wine is the sum of more than just good grapes and talented winemakers; it’s the result of an efficient, nimble whole. As with so many start-up ideas, there is a constant conceptual interplay between our lean core team and a selection of expert consultants and growers. Unyielding devotion to this fusion of great fruit and great minds is precisely what Angeline has stood for, for over three decades.

Our Team

“Our favorite compliments about our wines are generally the ones that start with “I love your wine…it actually tastes like Pinot.”

For us, the winemaking process, from start to finish, is about intention. And our intention is to make single varietal wines that are uncorrupted and unfussy. With every vintage, we aim to hit that sweet spot of raw craft and real, affordable wines that our friends can enjoy every day.

Leslie Renaud

Director of Winemaking

Raemy Paterson


Moises - Crushpad Ruler Handsome Devil



Geronimo - Brix Diviner



Yolanda - (Yoli) Designated Cellar Mama

Yolanda (Yoli)


Angel - Oak Stacker Extraordinaire



Alfredo - Master Waxer



Julio - King of the Line



Sandra - Queen of the Line



Dario - Beloved Main Minion



Mona - Precisionist of the Fill Master of the Machina



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