Winemaking Team

Courtney over time has assembled a trusted core team based on the skills and raw intuition each brings to the table.  At the center of this core is Lindsey Haughton, and she and the team have developed a symbiotic approach that allows them to craft a wide portfolio of wines with one underlying element…quality. Relying on great mentorship from Courtney over the years of developing rich relationships with growers, they have wrapped their arms around a broad spectrum of appellations producing what they feel are the best representations of each in the bottle.

Lindsey draws on a blend of small-scale and high-volume wine experience, and having a vision for a broad and unique portfolio, continues to expand upon the program. Having this extensive experience at a young age, she is creating a collaborative vision. She approaches each wine head on with a tenacity, seeking individuality in the bottle from each site and true expression of each vintage. Whether it be small lots or wines made for the masses, there is always finesse and attention to detail. Lindsey and her team are discerning, but fun…unpredictable, but balanced, very much like our wine can be.

The flavor of wine is like delicate poetry.

- Louis Pasteur