Dry Creek Valley



2015 “Tower White”, Dry Creek Valley White Wine

After happenstance led us to some phenomenal Dry Creek Valley Viognier and Rousanne during the 2013 harvest, we’ve made it standard practice to beg for a few tons each year. Straddling the top of the eastern slopes of the valley just south of Lake Sonoma, the vineyard looks upon both Dry Creek and the Russian River. A wide array of soil types resulting from volcanic activity, uplift, and ancient river deposits, makes the site ideal for the Rhone varietals that make up the base of our Tower White Blend.

2014 Forchini Vineyard, Dry Creek Valley Cabernet Franc

Our Cabernet Franc is one of three Bordeaux varietals that we have been grateful to receive even in minute amounts, from a family-owned ranch in the Dry Creek Valley. The block is set on the gravelly eastern slopes of the valley, sharing the ranch with century-old Zinfandel vines. Its orientation places the vines in full sun that lingers late into the summer evenings, providing the perfect climate to develop its outstanding varietal character and richness.

2014 Forchini Vineyard, Dry Creek Valley Malbec

After sheer luck and happenstance landed us the opportunity to work with some outstanding Bordeaux varietals from a family owned vineyard in Dry Creek Valley during the previous year’s vintage, we leapt at the offer of purchasing the grapes again in lieu of another spectacular growing season. Grown on the gravelly eastern slopes of the valley, sharing the ranch with century-old Zinfandel vines, our small allotment of Malbec sits in full sun, late into the summer evenings, giving it the perfect climate to develop its intense, dark color and rich fruit flavor.

2014 Puccioni Vineyard, Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel

Our Dry Creek Zinfandel comes entirely from Puccioni Vineyards situated on the hills of the western Dry Creek Valley. The appellation has a special reputation for its robust Zinfandel, and this is no exception. Often one of the last lots to ripen, it is worth the wait in its development of its opulent concentrated flavors.

2014 “Tower Red” Dry Creek Valley Red Wine

Hailing from the same century-old, family-owned ranch as our Forchini Malbec and Cabernet Franc Reserve wines, we cherry-picked just a couple barrels from each of the aforementioned lots to accent our base of decadent, brooding Petit Verdot to serve as our homage to the landmark tower for which we are so well known. Although it may seem uncharacteristic to present a Dry Creek Valley wine as the flagship for our Russian River home, we feel it’s the perfect ambassador of the exemplary quality and diversity from our region, that we devotedly seek out to flaunt vintage after vintage.